Semi-Concealed Wire-O


semi concealed wire o

Semi-Concealed Wire-O

Wire-O binding is perhaps one of the most attractive and versatile binding styles available. In addition to allowing books to lay flat and fold 360 degrees for single-hand use, Wire-O binding elements are available in a variety of colors to enhance the appearance of your book. Wire-O binding combined with a soft wrap-around cover allows for a printable spine with the versatility of a Wire-O bound book known as a semi-concealed Wire-O book. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when designing your next semi-concealed book:


Use a bulking dummy - Semi-concealed covers require carefully placed scores that form the spine around the wire. For that reason, you'll want to use a bulking dummy to determine the exact bulk of your text and cover sheets. That measurement will then be used to determine the proper wire diameter and therefore the location of the scores and punched holes on the cover. In addition, a bulking dummy ensures that any copy on the spine is centered properly between the scores. 


Avoid punching into type - This is a common yet easily avoidable mistake. As with all other Wire-O styles, semi-concealed books using 3:1 wire should have at least a 3/8" margin between the spine edge and the unpunched holes. For 2:1 Wire-O books, leave at least a 1/2" margin. 


Your Bindery Finishing offers  you a complete range of production and decoration options for your semi-concealed Wire-O applications.  Our die-cutting, foil stamping,and embossing, give you plenty of in-house design choices. 

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